2018 Commencement

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The Sage School Celebrates the Class of 2018

Commencement ceremonies were held Friday, June 8 for the graduating Class of 2018.

The following students graduated from The Sage School:

Dermot D., Nicolas O., and Kyle R. of Foxboro
Sravya L. and Leah V. of Plainville
Jazzi B. and Surya S. of Sharon
Oscar C. of Southborough
Cooper D. of Franklin
Michael F. of Mansfield
Miles K. of West Bridgewater
Nadia P. of Canton
Aaroh S. of Westwood
Niall S. of Newton
Rohan S. of Hopedale
Julia W. of Holliston
Claudia W. of North Easton

Class Speaker Nadia P. spoke to her classmates about her Sage experiences over the last ten years.

“Ten years ago today, I walked down the center of this very gym…as a carefree little 5-year-old…this time, I have more perspective into the world, an idea of what my future will hold…Sage has given me so many opportunities from exploring my passions past what we learn in class, to taking trips to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, and improving my public speaking.  What Sage has never given me is the answer, or what I should do. I have always been taught in class how to find my own direction and to understand that the path I take might not lead to the destination I originally hoped for.  This isn’t just a lesson for math class, it’s a lesson for life.”

Claudia W. shared her experiences as the 2017 Student Council President and revealed plans for the gift from the Class 2018, funds for an afterschool science club.

“An afterschool commitment is important for every student to take on, but, more importantly some of these activities changeour lives and impact us in ways we could never anticipate. We as a grade recognize how important afterschool clubs were to us, and the feelings they invoke as they encourage passions and nurture new interests. We decided that the most important contribution we could make would be to the future: to create a science afterschool club, that allows for students to dedicate more time to doing what they love, as well as looking deeper into other specific areas of science that they are intrigued by and curious about.

Nadia P. was honored with the Pastuszenski Prize, an award presented annually to a person within the Sage community who demonstrates a deep commitment to academic excellence and a dedication to giving back to the school community without regard for personal recognition. Latin Teacher David Berger spoke about Nadia’s exceptional abilities.

“Nadia is a person who holds herself to high standards, seemingly in every part of her life, and certainly in her academic work. Nobody who knows her as a student will question her commitment to academic excellence. But she isn’t the kind of student who sacrifices the emotional side of her life in order to ace her tests…if you’re lucky enough to know her as a friend you know that she has a remarkable ability to form passionate attachments to other people and stay true to them over time.


For the second year, The Sage School welcomed an alumni speaker, KatherineA. Gross ’10 (Winsor School ’14, Johns Hopkins University ’18) to address the Class of2018.

“Although my own Sage journey came to a close nearly a decade ago, I firmly believe that every subsequent achievement has been rooted in the foundational values I acquired under this roof. Sage is beautifully unconventional in that students are immersed in a culture of acceptance, whereby they learn not simply to tolerate, but to welcome a diversity of appearances, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. In a society that strongly values homogeneity, we need leaders who are confident enough to both embody and to espouse individuality. Our ability to foster meaningful connections emerges when we choose to put aside judgment and to celebrate the strength that lies in difference. This is an invaluable skill that all Sage students are given the resources and opportunity to cultivate.

Middle School Advisors and Teachers Pat McManus and Nitzan Resnick spoke about the contributions made by the members of the graduating class, and the legacies they leave behind.

Pat McManus said, “Throughout the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work and get to know each one of these graduates, their talents and ambitions, intellects and characters, as we journeyed through literature, culture, and historic periods. Throughout it all, I was amazed by the profound courage each one of these graduates showed in asking questions – questions aimed to attain a greater understanding of a historic period, but also questions that allowed each one of you to develop your own expressions of self and identity. To find your own moral bearings and test whether your beliefs were true or merely shadows cast upon the wall.


The ceremony concluded with remarks from Head of School Marie Leary.

“We as a school pride ourselves on providing a curriculum to challenge, inspire, and push each of you outside your comfort zone. However, it is the intangibles that will carry you along the most tumultuous paths. It is in these adolescent years where you have been asked to take risks and been unconditionally supported to do so that has let you have a glimpse at what is possible.”

Sage graduates will attend the following high schools next year: Belmont Hill School, Boston University Academy, Commonwealth School, Emma Willard School, Foxboro High School, King Philip High School, The Loomis Chaffee School, Moses Brown School, Newton North High School, Nobles and Greenough School, Saint Mark’s School, Sharon High School, and The Winsor School.