2018 STEAM Projects Get “Funded”

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Seventh graders Rohan J. (left) and Drew S. look on as Connor Schlegel of Field Turf explains how the turf his company uses at Gillette Stadium works so well for athletes.

On Monday, May 7, 2018 at 6:00 pm, The Sage School hosted its fourth annual STEAM Expo at the Putnam Club Northeast Lounge at Gillette Stadium. Students in Grades 6 to 8 presented their innovative solutions to current challenges related to health and well-being.

After months of research, design testing, and collaboration with both local and global experts in the field, eighteen student teams created prototypes and business plans to address some of today’s important health needs.

“The students participating in this year’s Expo have done a remarkable job in their research, planning, and design,” said Marie Leary, Head of School.  “Each year the students and our professional partners take the STEAM work to a new level. We are so excited to have our students present their work at Gillette Stadium. The support of The Kraft Family/Partners in Patriotism towards STEAM education for younger students has been outstanding.”

Sixth graders Charlie L., Neha S., and Delaney B. pose with experts Denise Cuneo and Scott Deslauriers from the Sleep Lab at Sturdy Memorial Hospital at the Expo.

Professionals who partnered with The Sage School are affiliated with local hospitals such as Massachusetts General, Beth-Israel Deaconess, and Sturdy Memorial, as well as with national and global companies such as DRIVN and Field Turf. The culminating event of a year-long project, the Expo offers students the opportunity to not only share their innovations with a large audience, but also present a business pitch to potential clients.

“The goal with the Expo each year is to have students design and create a viable solution to a real-life problem or need. Their work reflects a hands-on, working knowledge of STEAM concepts, but also focuses on what it means to fine-tune an idea all the way through to the prototype and ‘pitch’ phase. Students must be able to explain the feasibility of their ideas as well as the benefits,” said Lisa Troy, STEAM Expo Coordinator. “It is a wonderful project in critical thinking and collaboration.”

Claudia W. and Trisha T. pose with mentors Omar Bah (right), his wife Teddi Jallow (third from left) and two other members of the Refugee Dream Center in Providence.

Sage students have also been working with school advisors in the math, science, technology, and arts departments throughout the year to integrate these concepts into their work. The professional partners offered guidance on current trends, challenges, and materials being used.

During the business pitches portion of the Expo, the audience evaluates each presentation based on original idea, how impressive they believe the prototype to be, whether they group has developed a viable solution, and how the convincing the pitch was to them.


  1. The “Apeeling” Pad – 8th Grader: Claudia W. and 7th Grader: Trisha T.
  2. Crafting Air for Aircrafts – 7th Graders: Jacob M., Ellis S., and Adi V.
  3. Eradicating Viruses with Light (UV/C) – 8th Graders: Jazzi B., Aaroh S, and Rohan S.
  4. Solar Chickens: Increasing Space in Chicken Coops through Solar Power –  8th Graders: Nicolas O. and Kyle R. and 7th Grader: Victoria V.
  5. Solar Solutions for Hospitals During Power Outages – Sixth Graders: Noah L. and Ryan T.
  6. Prosthetic Hand for Swimming – 8th Graders: Dermot D. and Niall S. and 7th Graders: Cole B. and Achyuta R.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, reflecting a cross-disciplinary approach to learning and problem-solving.

Reporter Alexandra Gomes of The Sun Chronicle attended the Expo. Read her article here.