HOS Message

A Message from The Head of School

Welcome! For 30 years, The Sage School faculty has been educating gifted students who are eager to be challenged and inspired, and who seek like-minded peers. Together, our students and teachers navigate through a classical curriculum interwoven with innovative technology and collaboration with outside experts who are at the forefront of research in their chosen fields. Our students thrive in our rich environment. Research shows that that the development of students’ social and emotional acuity is essential for their academic success, and so our program is infused with experiences that ensure this growth. We continually discuss and model our core values of PassionExcellenceRespect and Collaboration and we are justifiably proud of the “culture of kindness” that has come about as a result. Our graduates are exceptionally prepared to excel at top-tier secondary schools both in New England and beyond. These students are active, articulate, and kind. They are life-long learners, critical thinkers, and global citizens who are cognizant that the gifts they possess are to be openly shared for the betterment of others. They go on to lead lives of integrity and purpose. I am continuously amazed by our students. Each Friday morning, our entire school community gathers together in a space filled with sunlight to share accomplishments and make announcements. During these meetings, I have had the privilege of witnessing our Kindergarteners proudly presenting their Van Gogh-inspired art in front of their peers, 3rd graders entertaining students and faculty alike with their original rap about the history of the U.S. Presidency, and 8th graders, their families in attendance, sharing their heartfelt gratitude speeches with the entire school.  It is evident to me that we, as a community, embody creative and meaningful learning, the key to a joyful school experience. To understand the value of a Sage education, come and spend some time with us. Hear the laughter of our youngest students, absorbed in the thrill of unearthing new ideas and new ways of thinking. Witness the engaged faces of our third, fourth, and fifth graders, as they tinker in our Makerspace or discover new land in our VR Lab, their expression is tangible evidence of their emerging interests and talents.  Listen to the passionate conversations among our middle school students as they speak with the assurance that comes from self-discovery and a glimpse of their own potential to change the world. For all of us at Sage, our educational process is transformative, and it’s an honor to watch it unfold every day. We would love to share it with you. Marie P. Leary Head of School