Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


As Sage’s Head of School and Board Chair, we are honored to welcome you to The Sage School’s strategic plan. Our dedicated faculty, staff, and families all strive for the same goal: providing students with a challenging and rewarding curriculum that helps cultivate their humanity. Achieving this requires every stakeholder involved to both focus on the present-day landscape of the school while looking ahead toward the horizon to ensure Sage continues to thrive and meet the ever-changing needs of the children. 

This has served as our inspiration as we chose specific areas of focus and crafted the strategic plan. It is also why this will be a dynamic document that can be adjusted as the future that all contributors planned for begins to take shape. As recent events have shown, no one can fully predict what may happen down the road. Having room to correct the course is equally as important as writing the map in the first place.

The strategic plan process has given a platform to so many in the Sage community to create a meaningful impact on the school and its students. We’d like to thank everyone who participated for volunteering their time and lending their voice and perspective to such an important cause: the children. It is for them that we have worked so diligently to prepare The Sage School for success now and for years to come. 

We have no doubt that the strategic plan will accomplish this. But that does not mean our work is done. It is our promise to you, the families of Sage, that we will continually evaluate the educational environment we have created to make sure The Sage School is always serving the students who make this such a special place.


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We encourage our diverse community of gifted students to engage in academic challenges, nurture their love of learning, and cultivate their humanity so they can serve, inspire, and create impact.


The Sage School is New England's recognized leader in gifted education, with a proven history of preparing graduates to confidently navigate and succeed in a dynamic world.

Core Values

The Sage School is a small, cohesive, nurturing community that values the free expression of ideas, the individual contributions of its members, and all types of diversity. We are committed to the core values of Passion, Excellence, Respect, and Collaboration.

Strategic Plan Objectives

The Strategic Plan


The Strategic Plan in Action

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