A Sage Student

A Sage Student

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Sage understands that having a gifted child is a source of great pride but also presents its own set of challenges and responsibilities. Our school was founded to help students and their families to celebrate children’s academic talents and also provide the challenge they need to meet their potential.

But who is a typical Sage student and is The Sage School right for your child? In our nearly 35 years as the leader in gifted education, we have found profiles of successful students at Sage can vary widely. In general, prospective students have demonstrated academic success and mastery well beyond their same-aged peers. They are greatly diverse in personalities, talents, and backgrounds, but can be described in the following ways:

  • A student who has demonstrated consistent, exceptional academic performance in his/her current school yet continues to seek more challenge or interest in advanced studies.
  • A student who enjoys working collaboratively with others and exploring new ideas.
  • For younger applicants, a student with strong curiosity, enthusiasm for learning, ability to grasp concepts quickly or work above grade level, and a child who can engage positively with their peers and teachers. Classroom readiness is key. This includes the ability to separate from parents, to use the bathroom independently, to communicate effectively, and be able to follow teacher instruction.
  • A student who is well rounded and defined not just by academic capabilities but extra-curricular interests as well. Many of our students play competitive level sports or are accomplished musicians, artists, and performers (sometimes both!).

Without question, we are looking for kind, empathetic, creative, and respectful students who are willing to work hard and love to learn. It is these characteristics that we value and that allow our teachers to create a warm, welcoming environment where students feel comfortable to take risks, ask questions, and make discoveries.

Fifth grader, Charles A., is in his Third year at The Sage School.

Dr. Amy Juliano of Dover, MA is the parent of four Sagers in grades eight, six, four and one. This is her family’s seventh year at Sage.

JoAnna Shields of Barrington, RI is in her ninth year as a teacher The Sage School. She currently teaches Kindergarten and serves as the Science Department Chair.

Rohan Jayaraman is a 2019 graduate of The Sage School and is currently a Class of 2023 student at The Wheeler School.