An Evening in the Makerspace!

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It’s not every day that parents have theopportunity to work in a makerspace and participate in a project using all of the latest equipment. Last week, Sage Leadership Society members and all donors who gave during the “Raise the Paddle” portion at the 2017 Annual Fund Gala and Auction were treated to a fun night of “making” in the Sage Makerspace.

The special funds raised in 2017 were used to purchase equipment for digital creation, woodworking, laser cutting, 3-D printing, design, and much more. During the 2017-2018 school year, students and teachers in Kindergarten through Grade 8 utilized this space for lessons and workshops, but this is the first event designed solely for parents.

Director of Advancement Danielle Fish was excited to bring donors in to experience firsthand how the Sage community has benefited from their generosity. “Sage is incredible proud of this makerspace and all of the opportunity for design and inspiration it affords our talented students.  We are so grateful to our parents who supported this space.  Having them build and create our official sign seemed fitting.”

With guidance from some of our Middle School students, parents constructed and painted the new Makerspace sign (complete with working gears!). They also had the chance to experience the new virtual reality goggles that will soon be coming to Sage.

Computer Science Teacher and IT Specialist David Martelli designed the sign project for the parents to complete. “The sign was a cool project choice for this event as it allowed us to combine mechanical engineering, programming, circuitry, and art into one beautiful and functional display that really represents what we do here.  Having the kids take the lead to share the passions they have found and developed through the course of the year in this new space was really amazing to see.”

The Sage Leadership Society consists of those individuals, families, and organizations who have contributed to our top tier giving categories in the past campaign year. 

After the Sage Leadership Society finished painting and assembling the gears, they proudly posed with the new sign that is now displayed in the Sage Makerspace.