Broadway History Class Hosts Theater Professionals

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Over the past month, students in Ms. Bazinet’s Broadway History class have had the benefit of virtually meeting with a number of theater professionals, connecting their classroom learning experience to real-world professions.


Adrian Sexton meeting with the Broadway History class

The class first met with Adrian Sexton, a professional actress in New York City and Ms. Bazinet’s friend from college. Ms. Sexton spoke about how her career has transitioned from performing on stage to virtually. She is also teaching improv and rap virtually for FreeStyle Love Supreme Academy which was founded by Broadway actors, some from the musical Hamilton!  Ms. Bazinet shares, “She is an amazing improv actor and blew the class away with her off-the-cuff performance!”

The class also met with Catherine Miller, who is the Interim Executive Director of the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center in Foxboro, MA along with board member Beverley Lord, a former theater teacher in Foxboro and avid community theater enthusiast.

“They spoke to the class about the state of theaters in the world, and what programs are being offered to maintain performances and connections during the challenging times of the pandemic. They also shared the history of the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center.  Did you know it was originally a moviehouse and vaudeville stage, built in the early 1900’s?” said Bazinet.

The School’s most recent musical, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was held in the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center in February 2020.  “We look forward to collaborating with them again on our next mainstage musical when it is safe to do so,” said Bazinet.