Celebrating Diversity Within Our Community

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One of the more favorite events of the year among community members, Sage’s International Night celebrates the various cultures within the Sage community. Families bring dishes to share, wear festive, traditional attire, and enjoy each other’s company for a night of student performances.

International Night 2018, held on April 5, was a joyous event, from beginning to end, and certainly one to remember! Over forty families and nearly twenty faculty and staff members gathered together to enjoy homemade dishes and watch inspiring performances. Students as young as kindergarten sang, dance, and performed international songs, highlighting their talents and showcasing their culture. As student emcee Rohan S. (Grade 8) remarked after one performance, “I didn’t realize we have so many talented percussionists in our community!”

This annual event is led by Language Department Chair Jenn Tanner. “International Night is an important Sage tradition in the life of each school year,” explains Tanner.  “Established in 2011, it has become a true community building event.  This year’s student emcee, Rohan S. (Grade 8), summarized it best when he said that, ‘[While] we all have different cultural, ethnic, or religious backgrounds, we can all come here to share our backgrounds, stories, cuisine, and culture with everybody, which I think is amazing.’  It is one of my favorite events and I’m glad to be part of a professional and educational community that embraces the celebration of not only what unites us, but also what makes us different.”

An integral component to the success of International Night is the faculty who support Sage students each day. As Head of School Marie Leary noted, “Our students are willing to share their gifts with us, because of the wonderful, safe environment our teachers have created for them. I could not be more proud of our community. What an amazing evening!”

Scenes from International Night 2018