Erica Lerch

Lower School Spanish and Grade 3 Co-Teacher

Erica Lerch has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Framingham State University, an Elementary Education degree from Bridgewater State University, and a Master’s degree in Spanish from Middlebury College. While pursuing her degree at Middlebury, she developed an interest in using “comprehensible input” to teach classes entirely in Spanish, through the use of videos, pictures, songs, story-telling, kinesthetic/ hands-on activities, etc. Ms. Lerch began her teaching career in the Framingham Public Schools, where she worked as a bilingual teacher. She also taught Spanish to middle school students in Franklin for three years. She later moved to the Holliston Public Schools and worked there for sixteen years and later taught at the high school level. Whether teaching adults or kindergarteners, Ms. Lerch utilizes the same basic principles: immerse students in the language with “real-world” drama, games and songs; provide plenty of opportunities for students to apply what they are learning; and continuously build student confidence by carefully pacing each lesson.


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