Jennifer Tanner

Dean of Student Life, Equity, and Justice & Coordinator of Secondary School Placement

Jennifer Tanner attended Clark University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish. Several years after she began working with the talented students at Sage, Jenn returned to school herself, earning a master’s degree in Gifted Education and Talent Development from the University of Connecticut. Jenn has worked with students of all grades during her time here and she currently serves as the Dean of Student Life, Equity, and Justice. Jenn also assists eighth grade students and their families in finding the best next-school placement to meet their educational needs as the Coordinator of Secondary School Placement. Jenn is excited to have the chance to work with students as they find their next steps in life and to keep in touch with them when they are off to new places and adventures. As a former language teacher, travel is a personal interest of hers and one she loves to pass on to students through Sage’s MS travel program. This is Jenn’s twenty third year teaching at Sage and she loves the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of curious, motivated people (students and teachers)!

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