Lily Apolloni

Music Teacher & Grade 6 Teacher

Lily Apolloni is in her third year at Sage as the Music Teacher and Grade 6 Teacher. During her college years, she toured and performed in Argentina and Uruguay with the St. Olaf Orchestra, collaborated on a multidisciplinary art project – combining scratched projector slides with heavily edited sounds, and formed and conducted her own orchestra. In graduate school, she regularly performed with a professional orchestra, presented a paper to the International Committee of Music Semiotics in Romania, wrote and premiered her own Violin Concerto, and worked at Explo at Wheaton for two summers as their Music Director. Bringing a sense of wonder and whimsy in her teaching, she aims to bring the students at The Sage School on musical journeys that explore and answer the tougher questions in life – like “Is Vance Joy’s Riptide a “good” song?”

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