Liz Woodbury

Integrated Arts Teacher

Liz Woodbury joined the Sage Community in 2016 as the Integrated Arts Teacher for our youngest students in Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 2. She has been teaching arts programming for over ten years. Liz is originally from the Philadelphia area, but moved to the Boston area from New York City. She has a B.A. in Theater and Dance from Oberlin College and an Ed.M. in Arts in Education from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. Upon graduation from Oberlin, Liz moved to New York City and worked as a teaching artist, actress and playwright performing with the Irondale Theater Ensemble. She wrote and performed in two premieres: “The Sky is Melting” at Theater for the New City and “Free Refills” at RAL Productions’ August festival and The Dixon Theater’s Catalyst Festival. While in NYC, Liz worked with several non-profit organizations, creating and facilitating interdisciplinary after school, community-based and summer school arts programming throughout the city. In graduate school, she focused on the role the arts can play in social-emotional learning, on differentiated instruction and on intervention and prevention methodologies. Liz has continued to remain connected with the Ed. School, working on a theater-based staff training program on diversity and micro-aggressions and serving as a Teaching Fellow for Rick Weissbourd’s course, “Moral Adults, Moral Children.” Additionally, Liz has participated in trainings on ensemble-based theater, differentiated instruction, universal design for learning and an intensive on Design Thinking at Cornell University. Liz continues to work on her own artistic practice outside the classroom and is often writing, working on a new play or DIY project (currently a mosaic table top), or taking a dance class. Liz also loves to run, hike, watch documentaries and hang out with her lop-eared bunny, Binks. Liz is excited to bring her love of travel into her classrooms as well.

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