Middle School Model United Nations Conference

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The Sage School Model United Nations Team attended the Middle School MUN conference at Boston University Academy on February 1 & 2. There were over a dozen school delegations in attendance with over 300 student delegates present. Students worked together across 12 committees to tackle past and present global issues such as foreign affairs, human rights, peacekeeping, public health issues and more.

The Sage School Model United Nations Team

Seventh grader, William H., gave the following account of his experience, “In the Historical Joint Crisis Committee: Great Britain, I was Major William Howe; a rising star and political figure in Great Britain. However, as a result of escalations, backstabbing, and secret political negotiations, I rose to the top of British command by assuming the role of Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces. I was a strong voice for peace and compromise with the colonel committee in the other room, even setting up a few rounds of negotiations with fair proposals on both sides. However, Admiral John Paul Jones refused to cooperate and began a rush to war. As Commander, I oversaw a period of initial British success, but a horrendous British massacre soon occurred with the Americans taking prisoner 100,000 troops, with the addition of an intense disease spreading like wildfire in London.”

Congratulations to the following Sage delegates for their MSMUN awards!

Cole B. (Grade 8) – Verbal Accommodation
Aden G. (Grade 8) – Best Position Paper
Alex K. (Grade 8) – Outstanding Delegate
Achyuta R. (Grade 8) – Outstanding Delegate

William H. (Grade 7) – Best Delegate
Vanessa W. (Grade 7) – Best Position Paper

Rhys A. (Grade 6) – Best Delegate
Chase T. (Grade 6) – Best Delegate
Chris V. (Grade 6) – Best Position Paper