Beginners & PK

Beginners & PK

Beginners (Ages 3+ years)

In our Beginners Program, children find daily opportunities to discover the joy of learning and become critical thinkers through hands-on experiences. The classroom offers a safe and nurturing environment where children learn to navigate their social relationships. As they play in a child-centered environment, they develop a positive attitude, build self-esteem, and adapt to daily routines.

Pre-literacy and math skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills, are explored in open-ended activities and structured group time. In addition to these core areas, students enjoy classes in the fine and performing arts, library, and physical education. It is our goal to create a classroom community where children feel comfortable asking questions and taking risks. Full-day and half-day programs available.

Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4+ years)

The Sage School’s Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) is specifically designed for bright young students who might be in need of a more advanced and enriching school program and environment. The Pre-K experience seeks to offer challenges that gifted preschool students rarely find in programs among same-age peers. The content is sensitive to students’ interests and is presented in depth. Sage’s youngest students may become experts on topics like the Ice Age and how water facilitates life, while math, literacy, and social/emotional skills are interwoven into the lessons.

Our Pre-K is a play-based, imaginative, and nurturing program where students are often able to move from concrete ideas into the world of abstract concepts. They generally think critically about the world around them and are encouraged to pursue creative interests. It is most helpful to think of this program as one that delivers both a preschool and kindergarten curriculum. Our Pre-K program is full day.

The descriptions below are overviews of our program; we invite you to come for a visit to see our classes in action and learn more about our curriculum.

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