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Sage families celebrate the start of the Strategic Plan

The Sage School community came together to celebrate Sage’s future and all of the work to make sure the school has a roadmap to get there.

Families, Board Trustees, and Sage faculty and staff officially kicked off the 2022–2027 Strategic Plan with a launch event in the Great Room on Wednesday, January 18. The night was more than a party; it served as a platform for an honest dialogue about the six objectives in the plan and how those who helped craft it chose what to prioritize.

“We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the discussion about the future of Sage School and being in the know about Ashton’s future. Coming to these meetings is a great way of knowing the direction of the school as plans are being made, rather than finding out after decisions have already been made.”

Peter Barrows, Sage Community Member

Below is a recording of the event split into the six objectives discussed. Click on the section you’d like to learn more about to watch the accompanying video.

The community will have another opportunity to celebrate the Strategic Plan in person. Sage will host a year-two launch event on Wednesday, May 24. Look for more details about this event coming soon.

Strategic Plan Launch Event Recap Links

  1. Enhanced Experiential Learning
  2. Best-in-Class Faculty who Reflect Community Diversity
  3. Flexible and Dynamic Campus
  4. Amplifying Sage as a Beacon for Gifted Students
  5. Lifetime Connections
  6. Leadership in Gifted Learning

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