Sage Made Art Show

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Over thirty Sage students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 displayed their artwork at the historic Boyden Library in downtown Foxborough this past week. The Sage Made Art Show featured drawings, paintings, and three-dimensional art work, such as a wood carving drawn by a student, digitized, and etched in Sage’s industrial-sized laser cutter.

The artwork was displayed in the reading room on the first level of the library where many classes for the public are held throughout the week. Grades 3-8 Art Teacher Katie Pearce, who ran the event, was proud of the work that was showcased in Sage Made. “Most of the pieces came from students’ “Engage and Persist” projects – one of the Studio Habits of Mind we have been focusing on. Students chose a topic of interest, one they were passionate enough about that they were willing to go through several stages of trial and error, often failing forward, before reaching the final piece. All of the work is unique because it came from the student’s genuine vision and process.

“We also focus a lot on big ideas. Students are asked, upon reflection, to identify both their personal connections to the work and the broader themes present. Some overarching topics students covered are the cycle of life, fantasy, power, women’s voices, and, as always, humor.”

A reception was held on April 20 at the conclusion of the show. All members of the Sage Community were invited to view the artwork. With the success of the first show at Boyden, MS. Pearce hopes to make the show an annual event.

All families should be on the lookout for many pieces from the show, and much more, in the Sage Arts Journal, which will be out later this year. The beautiful annual publication features artwork and/or writing from every student in the school.