Sage Music Recital: The Show Must Go On(Line)

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Created by Ben L. – The Sage Forum

The Sage School hosted its fourth annual Music Recital virtually on Wednesday, May 12. With in person events still not an option due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, music teacher, Lily Apolloni improvised to continue the tradition of showcasing Sage students’ talents.

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 7 submitted a video recording as part of their recital performance. The videos were edited together with individual introductions and applause. Sage community members can view the full recital through the link in the parent portal.

Seventh grader, Adrian W., shared his performance video, in which he played guitar, bass, keytar, and drums to the Michael Jackson song, Beat It!


Congratulations to all of the performers!

Pre-K: Susannah N.

Kindergarten: Julian H., and Doris H.

Grade 1: Christian J., and Zev W.

Grade 2: Charlie I., Grade 3: Rafa D., Sasha E., and Dominic J.

Grade 4: Meena B., Sammy E., Quinton L., Arushi M., Charlotte W., and Ethan W.

Grade 5: Zarak A., Charlie G., Sebastian J., Ramya R.

Grade 6: Adrian W.

Grade 7: Kenneth S.