Sage Music Recital

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Sage hosted its Second Annual Music Recital on April 11 in the Sage Music Room. Students in Grades 1-5 showcased their musical talents in front of an audience comprised of family members and faculty. While many artists played pieces on the piano, others played the violin or sang a favorite song. The Herbs and Spices Band also performed an original composition, composed by band member, Adrian W. (Grade 4)!


Music Teacher Jordan Gravel organized this special event for the second year in a row. “The annual Sage Recital is a not only a musical performance, but an event for students to share their passion for music with their peers,” explains Gravel.  “Sage has a student body with diverse musical background, and the recital celebrates students’ gifts across many styles and cultures. Whether playing Bach, singing selections from broadway, or performing original rock songs in an ensemble, the Sage Music Recital embraces the joy of music in the student population.”

The performances were followed by a small reception to celebrate the students’ success. Congratulations to first graders Dustin S., Xavier T., second graders Samantha N., Charlotte W., third graders Zarak A., Aidan A., Sofia D., Chloe D., Ayaan M., fourth graders Sophia A., John K., Samantha L., Emery N., Giuliana O., Adrian W., and fifth graders Isabella C., and Adrian M.