The Sage Play

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The Sage Play is a highlight of the year for Grades 3-5 at The Sage School. Students spend several months learning about the elements needed to produce a play from beginning to end. They help create costumes, build and paint sets, plan set changes, suggest blocking, run the lights and music, and control the curtain. All students in Grades 3-5 participate in some aspect of the play, whether on stage or behind the scenes.

This year, The Sage Play morphed into two short plays performed on the same night – “12 Angry Pigs” and “Back to Summer.”

“12 Angry Pigs” is a parody of Shakespeare’s 12 Angry Men. A jury of pigs decide the fate of the “Big Bad”wolf. At first this clear-cut case seems like an easy decision, but sometimes our own bias can cloud our judgement. These Little Piggies work through their own preconceived notions to get to the truth.



In “Back to Summer,” three friends decide to make a time machine to go back to the beginning of summer, BUT something goes wrong and they travel through decades, even hundreds of years, where they meet Egyptian Queens, Pirates, Cowboys and even Shirley Temple! The friends have to work together to get back to the present and repair the space time continuum…but can they do it?

Director Liz Woodbury, who also teaches Integrated Arts to Beginners through Grade 2 at Sage, revealed the motivation behind producing two one-act plays. “The most important aspect of this production was letting it be as student-run as possible. By doing two one-acts, we could give more students “meatier” roles, and we were able to really engage the students who wanted to do tech as well. We had student directors, stage managers, assistant directors, assistant stage managers, crew chiefs, the works! They all worked so hard, and it was a really amazing process to witness. We saw new sides of students we hadn’t seen before, whether it was stepping up into leadership roles or really coming out of their shells on stage, it was just exciting to watch!”

Grades 3-5 performed both “12 Angry Pigs” and “Back to Summer” in front a packed audience in Sage’s Great Room on April 19.