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Sage Students Awarded in National Math Contest

Sage students in Grades 2-8 have earned national awards in the Noetic Learning Math Contest, a semiannual problem-solving contest in mathematics for elementary and middle school students. The contest is designed to promote students’ problem-solving skills and math interest.

Sage students who received Honorable Mentions for reaching the top 50% were: Grade 2 – Kimiya B., Josh E., Doris H., Julian H., Joshua K., Aiden P., and Stella X., Grade 3 – Connor C., Christian J., Peter L., Nolan M., Olivia M., Willem M., Asher R., Shrey T., and Zev W., Grade 4 – Avery B., Elliana C., Angella F., Ethan F.,  Xavier G., Sam P., Catherine W.,  and Alan Z.. Grade 5 – Lorenzo C., Joe D., Jack G., Rylan L., Emma O., Alisa P., and  Kavya R.. Grade 6 – Hauke A., Olympus B., Zachary B., Sophie F., Jay L., Landon M., Harrison P., Charlotte W., Ethan W., and Nichole W., Grade 7 – Zarak A., Alexis K., Jason L., Ethan L., Ayaan M., Joseph R., Zoey S., Riya S., and Akul T., Grade 8 – Rhys A., Tommy G., Teja H., Jack L., Aryaa M., and Sara S. 

Students who received the National Honor Roll awards with placement in the top 10% were: Grade 4 – Charles A., Raesha C., Charlie I., and Aaron T., Grade 5 – Rafa D., Dominic J., Andrew S., and Benjamín Y., Grade 6 – Benett L. and Euan W., Grade 7 – Mason C., Charlie G., Felix H., Sebastian J., and Ryan W. Grade 8 – Zack S., Benjamin T., and Kevin W. 

Grades 4 and 7 also received the Team Achievement Plaque that goes to the top 10 percent of teams.

Noetic Learning LLC was founded in 2007 by Li Kelty. The company is based in Overland Park, Kansas. Their mission is to improve math education with an online learning environment for students to practice and pursue math concepts.

Congratulations Sagers!

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