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Sage students thrive as school hosts the International Academic Competitions

Sage welcomed students from more than 30 schools in early April for the Massachusetts Spring Regional Finals of the International Academic Competitions (IAC). Our Sagers had a strong showing at the event, with many medaling in their categories and qualifying for national and international competitions.

The IAC is a series of prestigious buzzer-based contests on the topics of geography, history, and science for students in grades K–12. Initially a local event in New York, IAC has grown to engage students from over 50 countries.

More than a dozen of Sage’s own students took part in the History, Geography, and Science Bees held on our campus on April 7. Across the three sections, The Sage School placed in the top three 10 times, with Grade 7 Sager Bobby W. snagging two first-place finishes and medaling in every event he participated in. Click here to see how our students did and who qualified for national and international competitions.

Arguably more important than the competition results are the character and sportsmanship our students showcased at the event. When a Sager wasn’t competing, they watched their classmates and cheered them on like a spectator sport. No matter how they fared, our students displayed a positive attitude that speaks volumes to the students of Sage.

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