Six Awards for MUN

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The Sage School Model United Nations Team attended the Middle School MUN Conference December 2 hosted at Northeastern University. The largest in MSMUN history, there were thirty-two school delegations in attendance, totaling over 500 student delegates. Those in attendance worked together to resolve global issues that spanned topics such as climate change, food security, and child refugees. Sage students worked diligently to prepare for the conference, creating position papers, writing speeches, and practicing parliamentary procedures in the weeks leading up to the event. Our Sage students, representing nations from around the globe, performed exceptionally well with many resolutions passed and six awards won!

Congratulations to the following Sage delegates for their MSMUN awards!

Surya S. (Grade 8) and Janani G: (Grade 7): Best Public Speaker
Miles K. (Grade 8) and Ellis S. (Grade 7): Best Position Paper
Claudia W. (Grade 8) and Halle A. (Grade 7): Best Position Paper
Jazzi B. (Grade 8) and Vanessa W. (Grade 5): Best Position Paper
Anona J. (Grade 7) and Neha S. (Grade 6): Best Position Paper
Oscar C. (Grade 8) and Matthew P. (Grade 7): Best Negotiator
Julia W. (Grade 8) and Lahari L. (Grade 6): Best Public Speaker

Julia W. also opted to return to Northeastern University on December 9 for the December Invitational MUN, an event for all award winners from the past weekend. She won the award for Best Speaker again!