The K Shop

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Entrepreneurs start young at Sage! As part of their unit on economics, Sage’s Kindergarten class recently opened The K Shop where they sold items ranging in cost from 25 cents to $1 to members of the Sage community. The class learned about the process of building a business, first deciding upon items that might be popular and then learning about the different positions that would be needed to run the business. “Students chose jobs they wanted to apply for and went through an interview process. We needed cashiers who could make change and greeters and sales associates who were outgoing and friendly,” explains Kindergarten Teacher JoAnna Telschow.  Other positions kindergartners held – accountant, marketing associate, contractor, and security guard.

When the K-Shop officially opened for business  the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce and State Representative Jay Barrows was on hand to participate in a special ribbon cutting ceremony. Rep. Barrows made the first sale at The K Shop. Alexandra Gomes of The Sun Chronicle even paid a visit to the store. You can read her article here. 

At the close of the week, the students surpassed their goal of $100, which they will use to purchase STEM equipment for their classroom. Congratulations to Ms. Telschow and her students for such an amazing unit on economics that resulted in this fabulous store!