The Sage Forum Interview with Harry M.

The Sage Forum Interview with Harry M.

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The Sage Forum, Sage’s student newspaper, conducted an interview with seventh grade student, Harry M. and asked him about his experience with virtual learning and some of his valuable takeaways. 


Sage Forum: What is your current favorite class and why?

Harry: Currently, my favorite class is science. In science class, we are learning about electronegativity and atomic orbitals; this is something that I have always had a passion for, ever since I was introduced to it in second grade. I love learning about the quantum world, as it helps me understand more deeply things I cannot see and the inner workings of the universe.


Sage Forum: What has been your most valuable takeaway since going virtual at Sage?

Harry: Since going virtual at Sage, I have realized that technology can help keep people from all over the world connected in difficult times like these. One student is attending virtual classes from all the way in Asia, and I have taken classes from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Before virtual learning commenced, I thought of technology as something that keeps people inside, away from friends, and prevents them from connecting with each other; I realize now, however, that technology in certain circumstances can be used to keep us together, as opposed to being apart.


Sage Forum: What are some of the new things you’re learning in a virtual school?

Harry: I believe that I am learning just as much in a virtual school, as I did while on campus. The teachers are keeping up with the curriculum and teaching very thoroughly. I am learning about atomic orbitals (as stated above), the play Caesar, which was written by Shakespeare, deriving equations from three points on a parabola and vertex form, and the Westward Expansion.


Sage Forum: What do you like most about virtual school?

Harry: I really like the fact that the Sage community has the opportunity to even attend virtual school. Many friends of mine from my old school don’t have any school work at all and are extremely bored. I am very grateful that The Sage School is on top of the coronavirus, and was able to start virtual school so quickly in order to provide a proper education for all students during this pandemic. 


Sage Forum: What do you miss the most about not being in school?

Harry: The thing that I miss the most is social interactions. I miss being around friends and teachers. Right now, I am stuck at home and the only way that I have interacted with people I know is through a computer screen. I’m glad that I am able to communicate with my friends, but I miss talking with friends and teachers in person. 


Interview conducted by Adrian M, Grade 7