Virtual Education Plans at Sage

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Part 1: The weekly schedule   

For Beginner’s to Grade 1: We will be working in partnership with the parents and guardians to create a virtual experience that incorporates the hands-on learning experiences and open environments for which Sage is known.  With adult assistance, students will log into Google Meet to interact with teachers and students at several points throughout the day. There will also be outside activities, games and longer-term projects that students can create with their parents.

For Grades 2 through 8: Students are at a more independent stage of their learning.  We have created a simple weekly schedule, Monday through Friday as opposed to our usual 7-day cycle (A-G), for our virtual school design. The schedule includes all the classes your child usually takes, including language, arts, computer science/maker, and library, advisory and health.   Additionally, Mr. Lewis has created a list of PE exercises and activities that can be done at any time during the day.

See the link below to your child’s schedule.


Classes: Our virtual classes last for 30 minutes each, with 10 minutes break in between, which allows the students to log in and out of each of the Google Meets. We are asking you to provide your child with a quiet space for the duration of the virtual classes. As much as possible (based on their age), and unless they ask for help, please allow them to participate in these classes on their own without parental involvement.

Homework: Additionally, students will be assigned homework that will be submitted to their teachers on Google Classroom, or via email (depending on the age of the student).

We thoughtfully curated our homework assignments to be a combination of plugged and unplugged activities, ensuring that our students do not spend the entire day on their screens.

Office hours: Both in the Lower (2-4) and Upper School certain periods in the day were curated as office hours. In these periods students will be able to “meet” their teachers in a small group, or individually and get help. If your child needs help, please encourage them to email their teacher or leave a comment on Google classroom to set a time to meet.

Part 2: The virtual classroom

Google Meet: Our virtual classrooms will use Google Meet as a mode of teaching and learning. The medium allows the students and their teachers to interact, watch videos, review documents and homework together, and have lively discussions and debates. Our students and teachers were taught how to use this tool, and additionally, we created a doc that includes “How To” and troubleshooting (see link).

Attendance: Attending classes is a basic expectation.  Virtual learning will be treated no differently from a more traditional school day (unless of course your child is sick). We will be taking attendance each day. If your child cannot attend the classes that day, please inform Ms. Alix by 8:30 AM that morning.

In the Upper School, your child will receive a list of log-in info for individual classes. In the Lower School, teachers will log into one class daily, so your child will need to log in and out of a class only once a day.

Behavior: We have created a list of expected behaviors while our virtual classes are in session (see link).

Part 3: Additional projects and social and emotional support

Maintaining a sense of community: Being quarantined at home is absolutely no fun, and in these times students and adults need to be engaged in meaningful and challenging work, and partake in relaxed social gatherings. With that in mind, students will meet as a virtual community with their advisors, homeroom teachers and school counselor where appropriate once a week. These will be great opportunities for students to destress, have fun and practice their emotional resilience in an online setting.

Fun projects: As part of our regular curriculum planning teachers will be incorporating projects that are mostly unplugged and focuses on students’ creativity and innovation. The projects all use materials that exist at home, or can be bought online or at nearby stores.

The Leadership Team,
Marie Leary, Cheri Alix, Kaitlyn Cronin, John Cobbett-Walden, Nitzan Resnick,
Jenn Tanner, Elizabeth Krikelis, Amy Conrardy, and Sarah Golden Martin